Book: Sweet Spot (Homeruns #4) by Sloan Johnson

Genre: MM Romance, explicit

Title: Sweet Spot

Author: Sloan Johnson

Release Date: 9 May 2016

Previous Book in Series: Triple Play



Four years ago, it took no time at all for Cody Marshall to fall for the rookie pitcher at spring training. While their lives were nothing alike, Cody understood Nick Stone’s insecurities and pain. And then… Nick left. Eventually, Cody found his own passion and landed a dream internship with the Mavericks. His life was finally turning around. And then… Nick came back.

Just like the first time they met, Cody finds himself falling for Nick. Unfortunately, Nick is still plagued by the belief that he is where he is because of his father. If they’re ever going to make it, Cody has to prove to Nick that his success has little to do with his name and everything to do with his drive to succeed.

Two men, both close to having everything they’ve wanted. Will they be able to find the sweet spot between dreams and desire?

What I Liked:

After not liking the last book in this series very much, I must say that Sweet Spot was a nice surprise.  The story follows Cody, who was kicked out for being gay before being taken in by the triad of the last book, and Nick, a talented pitching prospect who is languishing in the minor leagues.  Oh, and he also happens to be the son of the club’s GM.

They get together at spring training and everything is great, until it isn’t.  Four years later, the story picks up and they see each other (again at spring training) for the first time since they broke up.

I really liked both Cody and Nick.  The both were a bit frustrating with their insecurities, but they did feel very real.  They were both young when they were first together, so their communication skills were not the best.  They are older now, but their past has created a minefield of uncertainties and trust issues between them.  I liked seeing them navigate through the difficulties to find each other once again.

What I Didn’t:

Nick’s movement through the organization seemed a little strange to me.  I mean, it he thought it was weird too, but I’m not sure if it’s actually possible to be called up like that.  I’m not certain, though, and I don’t care enough to look it up, but I thought that I’d mention it.

There comes a point in every romance series following one group of people where you just go, “How many more books are there going to be?!?”  Characters keep getting added to the original group in order to keep the series going, and that gets annoying to me.  Especially when all of the main characters are gay men.  Now, that may sound bad, but realistically, how many gay baseball players end up playing on the same team?  I would say maybe three, max.  While not all are still playing by this book, all previous characters are in this book, bringing up our total of gay baseball players from one organization to six.

Well, seven, because towards the end we’re introduced to Clint, Nick’s friend on the team who is gay.  Surprise!  This is a problem that is not confined to this series.  I have stopped reading different series in the past become there really is a tipping point.  I once stopped reading a series once after about 6 gay couples were all living on the same farm in the middle of nowhere.  And there were at least 4 books after that about more gay couples getting together and living on the farm!


I actually liked this book a lot.  It’s my favorite of the Home Run series so far.  Cody and Nick were both interesting characters.  They were both sweet and insecure, but they still felt like real guys who might actually exists (not too sappy).  I also really liked exploring the relationship between Nick and his GM father.  That is a unique situations, and though I’m not sure that it’s every happened, I imagine that it would definitely not be easy, for father or son.  I enjoyed reading this book, but I am unsure on whether I’ll continue on.  I might, but how many gay players would realistically be on the same professional baseball team?

My Rating: 3.5/5


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