Book: Midway Between You and Me (SEAL It With A Kiss #3) by Rogenna Brewer

Genre: MF Romance, Explicit

Title: Midway Between You and Me

Author: Rogenna Brewer

Release Date: 1 July 2002



Professor Tam Nguyen knows that most women dream of a handsome, broad-shouldered military man. But she can never forget that the man who abandoned her pregnant mother in the middle of a war zone wore a uniform.

Of course, that’s before she meets Lieutenant Bowie Prince and gets to know the man behind the uniform. Once he sets out to change her mind, she finds him hard to resist. Until she discovers he holds the key to her father’s identity .

What I Liked:

I like to think of this book as “Miss Saigon — the happy version.”  The backstory of Tam’s parents starts off as pretty similar to Miss Saigon.  SA young Vietnamese girl and an American soldier fall in love.  He leaves her with a picture of his company, a letter saying they’re married, and an unborn baby.  But, in this story, he gets captured in Vietnam, eventually gets free, and is not able to find her.  Meanwhile, she has the baby, they struggle in Vietnam but eventually make it to America.  She is a fashion designer who lives in San Francisco, and though many years have past, she still loves him, even though she has no idea what happened to him.

Which brings us to the actual plot of the book, revolving around their daughter, Tam.  She works for the US Fish and Wildlife services and is stationed on Midway Island.  She has a meet cute with Bowie when his team of Seabees land on midway to refuel their plane.  They meet again at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii a few days later, and then again when Bowie an his team are stationed on Midway.

I really liked both Tam and Bowie.  They had a sort of opposites attract vibe about them.  Tam is very attracted to Bowie, but doesn’t want to get involved because her mom’s story has left her with an aversion to military men.  That was a bit cliché, but still understandable.  Especially as her childhood in Vietnam is revealed throughout the book.

I loved that there were two love stories in the book, instead of one.  The main focus is on Tam and Bowie, but the reader is given glimpses into 1972 at Tam’s parents and their relationship.  Also, once Tam discovers that Bowie’s dad was in the same company as her father, the second love story starts to really come together.

What I Didn’t:

Right away, I will warn that the book starts with a sex scene.  It is set in 1972 and features Tam’s parents.  It’s a bit of a jolt to begin a book with, especially since it it mentioned that the girl, Lan, would be considered “jailbait” if they were in the US.  So, yeah.  Definitely a warning for the opening underage scene.

The ending gets to be a bit too much for me.  It’s action packed, but some of the things that happen towards the end are a bit…convenient.  And ridiculous.  Kidnapping, shooting, coma, pregnancy.  It’s a bit too much, but at least there’s a satisfying double happily ever after.


I’m not going to lie, this is probably my favorite romance novel of all time.  It’s cheesy and predictable, but I can still remember reading it for the first time.  I bought it at a library book sale for 25¢ when I was about 16 years old and sped through it all on a sick day home from school.  The author does a good job with the military details, probably because she was in the military herself.  The romance is sweet, even if it’s does get a little cheesy and the action is tense, though it does get a bit over-the-top.  This is not one of the best romance novel that I’ve ever read, but there’s just something unique about that definitely makes it one of my favorite.

My Rating: 5/5


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