Book: Scoring Chance (Highlight Reel #1) by V.A. Westwood

Genre: MM Contemporary Romance, Explicit

Title: Scoring Chance

Author: V.A. Westwood

Release Date: 23 February 2016



Tristan has never wanted anything more than to play in the NHL, but if you want to be the best, you have to make sacrifices. Tristan’s always known that. He’s willing to give up anything to get where he wants to be. He’s made peace with being gay, but he knows his teammates can never find out.

Tristan’s gotten this far by setting two rules for himself: work hard, and never crush on your teammates. After a lifetime of putting hockey first, the hard work has finally paid off. He’s a hotshot new rookie in the NHL, and it’s better than he’d even imagined.

But Linus, his fellow rookie and new best friend, is hot enough to make him forget about all his priorities, and the rules he’s followed to get here are looking less reasonable every day. Tristan knows he needs to keep his hands to himself, but Linus is proving to be an impossible test for his self-control. Can Tristan keep a handle on himself or will he lose his lifelong dream?

What I Liked:

This book had a lot of good humor in it and a lot of miscommunication.  I spent a lot of it wanting to yell, “Just talk to each other!!!” at my Kindle.  Tristan and Linus have really good chemistry, and I really liked having a hockey romance where one of the main characters wasn’t Canadian, American, or Russian.

Linus speaks really good English, but he does get confused by some colloquial sayings, which is where the biggest misunderstanding comes from.  This is pretty consistant to what I know of a lot of Swedish hockey players when it comes to speaking English.  Sometimes, they speak so well that I don’t even know that they’re not American/Canadian until I google them!  But even I, a native English speaker, get confused with sayings and phrases sometimes, so I found that plot element 100% believable

What I Didn’t:

This book was too short!  I really liked the story, but it would have been nice to have it stretched out a bit and go into more detail.  I’m a bit confused on why this book is only 96 pages, while the sequel jumps up to almost 300 pages.  The characters and plot are so strong, I feel like not making this book longer was a real missed opportunity.

The only other thing that bother me was Ivan, specifically his dialogue.  I get that he’s Russian and the English is not his first language, but I wasn’t a fan of his Tarzan-like dialogue.  This is also something that I’ve come across in a lot of Hockey fanfiction, and  I just don’t like it.  Mention a thick Russian accent or something, but please don’t make the character’s dialogue so choppy!


I’m looking forward to reading more of this series.  I liked both the main characters and the rest of the team.  It is also fun that the author set this team up as the Connecticut Whalers.  I love when authors use old, defunct hockey teams!  I’m really glad that I stumbled upon this title on Goodreads and that it was available for free on Kindle Unlimited.  Just when I think I’ve read all of the MM hockey romances out there, another one just appears like magic. Thank goodness!

My Rating: 3.5/5


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