Book: A Week to Be Wicked (Spindle Cove #2) by Tessa Dare

Genre: MF Historical Romance, Explicit

Title: A Week to be Wicked

Author: Tessa Dare

Release Date: 27 March 2012

Previous Book in Series: Once Upon a Winter’s Eve



Minerva Highwood, one of Spindle Cove’s confirmed spinsters, needs to be in Scotland.

Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne, a rake of the first order, needs to be… anywhere but Spindle Cove.

These unlikely partners have one week to

  • fake an elopement
  • convince family and friends they’re in “love”
  • outrun armed robbers
  • survive their worst nightmares
  • travel four hundred miles without killing each other

All while sharing a very small carriage by day and an even smaller bed by night.

What they don’t have time for is their growing attraction. Much less wild passion. And heaven forbid they spend precious hours baring their hearts and souls.

Suddenly one week seems like exactly enough time to find a world of trouble. And maybe… just maybe… love.

What I Liked:

This might be my favorite wallflower-nerd-heroine/popular-rake-hero couple ever!  At first, Miranda seemed a bit to naive and stiff, but Colin really broke down her walls.  And she let him!  They were both very much equals in making decisions, which I love.  Is this book historically accurate and realistic.  No.  Is it fun and funny and sexy and sad and sweet?  Hell, yes!

Miranda and Colin learn so much from each other, and they both become better people because of it.  They have great chemistry, with a sort of Pride & Prejudice feel to it.  I love how Miranda can be so shy and awkward, but also be confident and independent, depending on the circumstances.  I’m definitely like that in real life; Sometimes, I’m the awkward, quiet girl reading in the corner, but if I’m comfortable and in my element?  I can be the life of the party!

What I Didn’t:

Some of Colin’s lies were so over the top, I definitely felt some second hand embarrassment for Miranda!  I get that they balance each other out, but he’s just a bit too…over-the-top for my taste.


Well, this book is definitely my favorite in the Spindle Cove series so far.  I love the author’s wit and humor, and the way she writes regency romances with more modern heroines.  I can see where it might not be some traditional romance reader’s cup of tea, but I would highly recommend this book/series to new and younger romance readers who are looking for some historical romances with a bit more oomph!

My Rating: 4.5/5


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