Book: Mistress’s Release(Mistress #3) by Anastasia Vitsky

Genre: FF Contemporary Romance, Explicit

Title: Mistress’s Release

Author: Anastasia Vitsky

Release Date: 16 June 2016

This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review



Two women. Two pasts. One destiny.

Trinity survived an abusive fundamentalist father, needy siblings, an uncaring mother, and a lifetime of fear that she will go to hell for being a lesbian. Never mind her craving for kink and the intricate dynamics of BDSM.

Graciela, on the other hand, came of age following a picture-perfect childhood complete with 4-H, cornfields, and doting parents. Successful in her chosen field, she’s established a thriving overseas practice as a professional domme.

Now, with Trinity forgiven for cheating a decade ago, the two women are finally happy. But before returning to America, Trinity receives contact from her family: They want a reunion. Gracie hits the roof.

Her lover’s family almost killed her once. Wasn’t that enough? Graciela wants Trinity safe at all costs. She issues an ultimatum: No contact, even if it means cutting ties with her family forever.

But Trinity’s longed for this moment half her life. Family’s family, no matter what they do. She loves Gracie, but no one can replace parents. Why can’t Gracie understand? She has pledged to obey, but she can’t make this sacrifice.

Can Gracie and Trinity’s love for each other overcome this impasse? Or will happily ever after turn into a parting of ways?

What I Liked:

I like both Trinity and Graciela a lot.  They are very different characters from very, very different backgrounds.  They have a history together, some of which must be in the first 2 books of the series (which I haven’t read yet…oops!) and some that is revealed through flashbacks.  Their relationship really grows throughout this book as they learn to understand each other better.

There was some BDSM elements in the novel, but not as much as I was expecting.  I thought those elements were handled very well, though.  The BDSM enhanced the relationship between the two women instead of defining it, which is a problem that I’ve come across in BDSM romances before.

What I Didn’t:

This book is heavy.  It focuses a lot on Trinity’s family and upbringing, which included a lot of religious-based abuse and molestation.  Over the course of the book, Trinity and Graciela heal together and move forward, but it is a dark and emotional road.  This is a book that you should prepare yourself a bit before reading.  And maybe queue up some baby animal videos for afterward!


I did enjoy this book quite a bit.  While I did feel a little bit lost at times not having read the previous books in the series, I felt that there was enough information given to understand the relationships and emotions central to the plot.  The writing was easy to read and moved along at a quick, engaging pace.  The flashbacks were helpful for information purposes, but sometimes the transitions felt a bit clunky.  Overall, I’m glad that I gave this book a shot, and I’ll probably go back to read Mistress on Her Knees and Mistress, Please, the first two books in the Mistress series.

My Rating: 3.5/5


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