Book: A Second Harvest by Eli Easton

Genre: MM Romance, Explicit

Title: A Second Harvest

Author: Eli Easton

Release Date: 1 July 2016



David Fisher has lived by the rules all his life. Born to a Mennonite family, he obeyed his father and took over the family farm, married, and had two children. Now with both his kids in college and his wife deceased, he runs his farm alone and without joy, counting off the days of a life half-lived.

Christie Landon, graphic designer, Manhattanite, and fierce gay party boy, needs a change. Now thirty, he figures it’s time to grow up and think about his future. When his best friend overdoses, Christie resolves to take a break from the city. He heads to a small house in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to rest, recoup, and reflect.

But life in the country is boring despite glimpses of the hunky silver fox next door. When Christie’s creativity latches on to cooking, he decides to approach his widower neighbor with a plan to share meals and grocery expenses. David agrees, and soon the odd couple finds they really enjoy spending time together.

Christie challenges the boundaries of David’s closed world and brings out feelings he buried long ago. If he can break free of the past, he might find a second chance at happiness.

What I Liked:

I liked that David’s Mennonite living wasn’t simplified to being Amish, which is completely different.  He lived a simple and faithful live that was still within the bounds of understanding modern popular culture, dressing in modern clothing, and using modern electronics.  People are quick to write off Mennonite people because they don’t care enough to really understand what their core beliefs are.  I think that the author did a great job humanizing David and making sure that both the readers and Christie really understand how much his life has revolved around his faith and his church.

Christie and David have immediate chemistry, but I’m glad that their emotions and doubts were really explored before they started to get together.  Theirs is a gradual, steady relationship based in camaraderie and friendship.  I love that so much of the book is spent on them getting to know each other before anything physical happens.  That’s something that I can personally connect to much more than when characters jump into bed together first thing.

What I Didn’t:

The ending conflict of this book was rather abrupt.  And super dramatic.  And then, the fallout is skipped for a “one-year-later” epilogue.  I wish more time was given to the coming out/revelation, but the complexity of that issue gets kind of buried beneath a mostly unrelated hate crime.  I’m a sucker for dramatic reveals and hurt/comfort, but I felt like not enough time was given to these elements for me to fully enjoy them.  Instead, I wish that the author focused on a simpler climax that focused more on deep, complicated emotions that match the rest of the book.


I was in a bit of a reading slump, but I definitely flew through this book!  I liked the characters and the steady build to their romance.  It’s nice to see a couple in a romance novel take it slow every once in a while.  My favorite parts of the book were those focused on David and his journey to discovery and happiness.  His “I deserve to be happy” revelation towards the end is both exhilarating and heartbreaking.  I really enjoyed this book, and I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series, though I do hope that one day we get to revisit with David and Christie.

My Rating: 4/5


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