InMyOpinion: MCU Movies From Worst to Best (#13 – 8)

Like most of the world, I am a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  I’ll admit that while I have always been a geek/fangirl, Superheroes and comic books weren’t always my thing.  Sure, I watched the Batman and Superman animated series, and I absolutely LOVED the cartoon X-men:Evolution.  I also really enjoyed the original X-men movies (well, the first 2 at least) and Sam Raimi’s Spiderman movies (once again, only the first 2).But I wasn’t obsessed.  I wasn’t reading fanfiction.  I didn’t feel compelled to read comic books.

That changed in 2008. Many of my friends were excited by Iron Man, so I pretended to be as well, even though I had absolutely NO idea who or what Iron Man was.  The movie came out, and everyone seemed to love it, even my parents.  So, I dragged myself out to the movie theaters to see what everyone was raving about.

In the end, I saw Iron Man in the theaters 7 and a half times (it’s a long story).  I was hooked.  I listened to the soundtrack in my car, read fanfiction, and could quote the movie almost word-for-word.

Since then, I have seen every MCU movie in the theaters, almost all on opening weekend and most more than once (though Iron Man still holds my MCU record).  Though (almost) everyone seems to enjoy the MCU movie, people seemed to have wildly different opinions on which are the best, which are ‘meh’, and which are bad.

So…Here’s my list of MCU movies ranked from worst to best!

13. Thor The Dark World


I’ve seen this movie once.  I didn’t hate it, it was just…boring.  The villain was probably the weakest MCU villain ever, which sucks considering he was played by Christopher Eccleston, who is a fantastic actor.  There ending action scene felt really long, and while the portal stuff was fun, it didn’t actually make much sense.  The best thing about this movie was everyone online making jokes about Loki’s curly hair. (That long, frizzy hairdo was 100% Darlene from the show Rosanne. Lol!)

12. The Incredible Hulk


This is the MCU movie that everyone seems to forget about.  That makes sense, considering it came out the same year as Iron Man and that the main character has since been recast.  I was surprised that they even bothered to get William Hurt to reprise his role at General (or Secretary of State) Ross for Captain America: Civil War since pretty much no one ever talks about TIH (it doesn’t even really have an acronym, but whatever).  I liked this one a lot when it first came out.  It’s still okay, but it definitely pales in comparison to most other MCU installments.  Edward Norton was great as the Hulk in this movie, but I think I like Mark Ruffalo in the role better(he’s probably easier to work with, too).  The best part of this movie is the opening credits.  The sort-of silent movie style retelling of the Hulk’s origin is fantastic!


11. Thor


Thor is my least favorite Avenger.  I like him in ensemble movies, but overall I find him kinda boring.  Asgard in general is boring to me.  Once he’s on Earth, the movie gets more fun, but the Asgard and Jotunheim stuff drags a bit (especially that never-ending, dark fight scene on Jotunheim).  I actually don’t mind Jane and the romance-y bits, and Darcy is awesome, but this movie is just kinda ‘meh.’  I’ll watch it if it’s on TV, but probably not otherwise.

10. Iron Man 3


Most people will hate me for putting IM3 lower than IM2, but I like to be contrary sometimes.  I suffer from anxiety and depression, so watching a character work through that kinda sucks, so that might be part of the reason I enjoy this one less than the other Iron Man movies.  This movie is darker in tone than IM2, and Tony makes some really stupid, aggravating decisions.  I didn’t mind the twist to the Mandarin story line (Ben Kingsley is hilarious), but  I didn’t like Guy Pearce all that much.  I liked the child actor though.  He was likable and had some good chemistry with RDJ.  Also, the end with the president and Pepper and all the suits was a bit over-the-top for me.

9. Iron Man 2


Everyone always talks about how terrible this movie is, but I like it.  It’s not the best by any means, but I still have a lot of fun watching it.  Looking back, Black Widow is kinda shoehorned in and pointless (and her hair is terrible), but I don’t really mind her being introduced here.  I would still love a Black Widow movie though!  The villains are not the best, but I love Sam Rockwell in everything ever and find Mickey Rourke weirdly sexy in this movie (don’t judge me!!!).  This movie is not great, but it’s fun.  Iron Man is the character who made me fall in love with the MCU, and even though I’m Team Captain America, you never forget your first.

8. Captain America: The First Avenger


My sister is gonna kill me for having this movie so low!  I saw this movie once in the theaters, and then I didn’t see it again until…either just before or after CA:TWS came out.  My sister is obsessed with Captain America, so while I supported her in her fangirling and even read some Captain America fanfiction, I didn’t quite understand what she was going so crazy over.  I like this movie a lot more after seeing CA:TWS.   I never disliked it, it was just kinda in ‘meh’ territory like Thor.  The sequel is just so good that it made me enjoy the first movie much more upon rewatching it.


So that’s #13-8 on my list.  Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know!  And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the rest of the list.



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