InMyOpinion: MCU Movies From Worst to Best (#7 – 1)

Don’t forget to check out #13-8 on my list!

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron


This movie is a bit of a mess.  The editing is a bit crazy because it feels like the original cut of this movie was 5-hours-long.  There is very obviously stuff that’s missing (like Thor’s entire plot thread).  But…I still really enjoy this movie.  I like Natasha/Bruce (even if it does come out of nowhere), I like Hawkeye’s farm, I like Wanda and Vision (and Wanda/Vision), and I LOVE Ultron.  His quips are hilariously delivered by James Spader.  The CGI in the opening fight is a bit suspect, and the destruction towards the end is a bit overwhelming, but this movie is still a lot of fun to watch.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.

6. Captain America: Civil War


This is currently the newest movie in the MCU.  This movie had a lot of hype, and it mostly lived up to it all.  Almost all of the Avengers are in this movie, but the focus focuses the most on Steve.  There might have been a bit too much time spent with Tony (especially that first Spiderman scene which was waaaay too long).  The movie did a good job of getting the audience to understand both sides of the disagreement.  No one is 100% right or wrong here.  And I liked that the villain was just a normal man who manages to turn the Avengers against each other.  The airport fight scene is probably my favorite scene.  I just love all the conflicted emotions in this movie.  ANGST!!!!

5. Ant-Man


I really had no idea what to expect with this one.  The trailers looked silly and generic, so I was surprised when I actually saw the movie for myself.  Okay, it’s still kinda generic and silly, but it’s also funny, exciting, and it has a good heart.  I liked that it was a smaller story (ha!), especially after how HUGE the MCU movies have been lately.  Also, the heist element of the story was a lot of fun.  I liked all of the characters and their quirks (especially Scott’s felon friends), and the CGI and 3D were really good.  The end fight scene on the toy train is hilarious.  I laugh every time. (Bonus points for having one of the weirdest promo commercials I’ve ever seen. I love it so much!)

4. The Avengers


This movie was everything when it came out.  With this film, Marvel Studios accomplished something the other studios had never even thought of.  The MCU isn’t a movie series, it’s a universe in which the movies build on each other, but aren’t completely connected.  In 2012, The Avengers is what proved that this wasn’t only possible, it was amazing.  This movie was had great dialogue, characters moments, character arcs, and fun action scenes.  The only reason this movie worked was that Marvel had the patience to spend 4 years building up to it.  The Avengers is what cemented the MCU as a marvel (heh) of the film industry.  Only last year in 2015, have we seen other studios starting to jump on board the cinematic universe train.  The DCU is off to a bit of a rocky start w/ Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad all making money but have rotten ratings on  Star Wars had a great revival with The Force Awakens, but that movie is technically a sequel.  The real test will be when Rogue One comes out later this year.

3. Iron Man


This is the movie that started it all.  When this came out, it was one of the best superhero movies of all time (and still is!).  I had no familiarity with the source material, but I instantly fell in love with the characters.  The chemistry between the actors and the bantering dialogue is the best thing about this movie.  The movie seemed very grounded in reality, even with all of its fantastical elements.  A superhero movie wherein the main character is held hostage by terrorists in Afghanistan seems like such a risky thing, but it works perfectly to tie this comic book story with the real world.  All around, this movie is definitely still one of the best in the MCU so far.  (It’s hard to believe that this movie came out over 8 years ago now!!!)

2.Captain America: Winter Soldier


I’ve already mentioned that this movie made me like the CA:TFA more.  This movie is so good!  The tone, the suspense, the characters, the action.  Steve and Bucky and Sam and Natasha.  I can’t even form real thoughts or sentences on how or why I love this movie so much.  It’s just…so good.  It’s probably technically a better movie than #1 on this list, but it is a bit on the darker more broody side, which totally works, but I personally prefer things that are a bit more light-hearted.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy


I honestly had no idea that this was going to be #1 until I wrote the list.  CA:TWS was #1 for a bit, but GOTG just kept popping up in my head.  IT’s just such a fun movie.  Going in, I had no idea who any of these characters were.  The trailer looked kinda interesting, completely bizarre, and I really had no idea what to expect.  The music is great, I love all the characters (my personal favorite is Drax, because he’s hilarious), and it’s just so different from anything else.  I think what I might love the most about this movie is how much of a risk it was.  This is a movie featuring a talking raccoon and a talking tree, set in space, and the only thing that people will recognize about it is the Marvel Studios name slapped on the poster.  This movie has so many little small moments that make me smile.  This is one that is fun to watch over and over again (and I should know, since I’ve probably seen this movie the most of any of the MCU).

So that’s the rest of my list.  Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know!


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