Book+Giveaway: My Brown-Eyed Earl (The Wayward Wallflowers #1) by Anna Bennett

Genre: MF Historical Romance, Explicit

Title: My Brown-Eyed Earl

Author: Anna Bennett

Release Date: 4 October 2016



William Ryder, Earl of Castleton, is at the end of his noble rope. Not only has he broken ties with his longtime mistress, his mother has publicly announced her wish for him to marry a suitable young lady―if only to help him raise the twins left in his care. Hiring a governess should solve some of Will’s problems…but when he meets the candidate in question, he finds himself in an entirely new predicament.

Miss Margaret Lacey is brainy, beautiful, and, once upon a time, Will’s betrothed. But she bowed out of the engagement―and, since then, has never been the same. A tragic accident robbed her of everything, and now, at age twenty-three, her marital prospects are slim to none. Penniless but not without pride, Meg convinces the vexingly handsome Will to hire her for the job. What neither of them could have expected from this arrangement, however, is an attraction that burns stronger than ever. Are these two lost souls finally ready to be schooled in the art of love?

What I Liked:

The hero in this novel, Will, is pretty darn swoon worthy!  A self-confessed rake, I was absolutely delighted that once he really fell for Meg, he didn’t waste time denying or doubting himself or his feelings.  I absolutely love stories where a playboy falls in love super fast and hard and becomes completely devoted to his lover.  (Side note: Disney has been absolutely killing it with characters like this in recent years.  Prince Naveen and Flynn Rider are  a couple of my absolute favorites!)

I/m a total sucker for romances dealing with children, so this book was perfect for me.  Valerie and Diana were very entertaining and believable as a couple of six-year-old troublemakers.  Children can be very hard to write, and they often are either stupid and annoying, or way to smart and annoying.  The twins in this book were a perfect balance of precociousness, childish curiosity, and abandonment issues.  I love that they were also central to the plot, and not just left on the fringes to be brought in for certain emotional moments.

Meg was also a good character.  She carries a bit too much guilt and acts to martyr-ish to be my favorite heroine, but I did enjoy her humor and how much she loves her family, the twins, and Will.  Her propensity to mull over terrible things and think that everything is her fault actually reminds me a lot of myself, which isn’t actually the best thing…

What I Didn’t:

I only noticed Will’s brown eyes being mentioned once!  I think the title of this book is great (and hilarious), and I would have liked his eye color worked into the story/writing more.

Other than that, the major conflict of the story is a little bit too convoluted.  I don’t want to go into spoiler territory, but the “bad guy” was actually only bribed by another “bad guy,” and it just got a bit too unnecessarily complicated and dramatic.


I enjoyed this book quite a lot!  I love the title, the cover is very nice, and the story definitely kept my interest all the way through.  The biggest strength of this book is it’s characters.  Every character is fully developed and real, which is impressive for a romance novel, especially a romance novel that contains children.  The conflict got a bit to convoluted and over-the-top at the end, but the overall story was light-hearted, romantic, and fun.  I highly look forward to reading more from Anna Bennett and I eagerly await the next book in this series.  Is it April 4, 2017 yet?

My Rating: 4/5


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3 thoughts on “Book+Giveaway: My Brown-Eyed Earl (The Wayward Wallflowers #1) by Anna Bennett

  1. Nice review! I have never heard of this book, but it looks good. You would think his brown eyes would be incorporated more into the story, though, like you said. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win a copy!


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