Ontario Teen Book Fest Blog Tour: Spotlight on Robin Reul



Saturday, March 25th, 2016

9:30 am to 5 pm


Colony High School Branch Library
3850 E. Riverside Drive
Ontario, CA 91761

This event is a completely free and un-ticketed event! Priority seating WILL be given to teens, but come one, come all! There will also be giveaways and raffles at the Fest, also free! Also, keep scrolling to find a giveaway held by us bloggers!

You can visit the website, to see the full schedule of the day by visiting the official Ontario Teen Book Fest website.

Books WILL be available for purchase at the event, available from Once Upon a Time Bookstore 🙂 They are an amazing company so definitely bring your books from home, but try and support Once Upon a Time by purchasing a book!

Click below for a spotlight on one of the wonderful YA authors who will be at the Ontario Teen Book Fest this year, Robin Reul!

About The Author


Robin Reul has been writing since she was in early elementary school, when she used to make her own book club flyers for her classmates and then pen them original stories. At thirteen, she had her first meeting with a major publisher, and the dream of someday being a published author firmly took hold.

She likes to write the same sort of stories that helped get her through her teenage years: funny, honest stories filled with quirky, memorable characters that at the end of the read, make you feel like you’ve just had a visit with a good friend.

When she’s not writing, Robin can be found singlehandedly driving up the profit margin of her local Starbucks and indulging her love of baked goods, particularly those in the key of pumpkin.  She lives in Los Angeles suburbia with her husband, son and daughter. MY KIND OF CRAZY is her first novel.

Robin’s Website/ Robin’s Blog/ Robin’s Facebook/ Robin’s Goodreads/ Robin’s Twitter

 25695607[1]About The Book

Despite the best of intentions, seventeen-year old, wisecracking Hank Kirby can’t quite seem to catch a break. It’s not that he means to screw things up all the time, it just happens. A lot. Case in point: his attempt to ask out the girl he likes literally goes up in flames when he spells “Prom” in sparklers on her lawn…and nearly burns down her house.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Peyton Breedlove, a brooding loner and budding pyromaniac, witnesses the whole thing. Much to Hank’s dismay, Peyton takes an interest in him—and his “work.” The two are thrust into an unusual friendship, but their boundaries are tested when Hank learns that Peyton is hiding some dark secrets, secrets that may change everything he thought he knew about Peyton.

The Interview

Q: Your first novel, My Kind of Crazy, was released almost a year ago now.  What has the past year been like, officially being a published author?
A: This past year has been absolutely amazing. Watching my manuscript turn into an actual book on a shelf that people are reading and responding to is a pretty incredible feeling. I think the latter part is the piece that surprised me most of all – the letters I’ve received from teens all over the world – that talk about what the book meant to them, how they connected to it and it helped them in some way or how they related to a specific character. It’s also raised the bar for me in the way I write. I’ve learned so much through the revision and editing process. There is not a time I catch sight of my book sitting on my bookshelf here at home or in a book store that my breath doesn’t still catch a little and I say “Wow.” Even nearly a year later, it’s still slightly surreal.
Q: Did you ever go into bookstores specifically to see your book on the shelf?
A: Ummmm…..yes. 🙂 *blushes* And not gonna lie, it never gets old. 🙂
Q: What’s next?  Are you currently working on any new books?
A: I am indeed! I have another book coming out with Sourcebooks tentatively slated for Spring 2018. It’s about a boy who experiences a crisis of faith and decides to take his destiny into his own hands. When he crosses paths with a girl from his high school who mysteriously disappeared two years ago, he discovers he may not be the only one running from his past and his future and he is forced to reconsider everything he thought he understood about being true to oneself, living in the moment and the price of trying to please everyone else.
Q: How did publishing your first book change your writing process?
A: Writing is both easier and more difficult now because every word I write is measured up in my head not only to MY KIND OF CRAZY but in general to a professionally edited, polished version of my writing. The writing takes longer because I find myself doing the editing and polishing as I go rather than just getting the words on the page and going back later. I learned a great deal about bringing forward the emotional core of the story during the editorial process of MY KIND OF CRAZY and am conscious of really bringing that element out as much as possible. I’ve also never written a novel on deadline, so I am hyperaware of that ticking clock in the background. Some days that fires me up and others it be frustrating!
Q: I feel like every author has a stash of writing that they never want people to see or that they plan on getting back to…some day.  How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
Aaaah….the proverbial “drawer book.” Yes, I have a few. I have been writing since I was in elementary school, and I’d written eight novels by the time I was thirteen, none of which thankfully will ever see the light of day. I have three additional YA novels I’ve written as an adult, and only one of them is something I would ever consider reworking. I’ve certainly had my share of false starts too – things I thought were books but got about 40 pages in and realized were perhaps great characters or a fun scene but not enough to make a whole novel out of that anyone would want to read. I probably have at least a dozen of those. I save them all though – you never know when some element fits a new project. I have definitely recycled names, snippets of dialogue and character descriptions from abandoned projects.
Q: What were some of your favorite books when you were a teenager?
A: Truth be told, I was mostly a reader in my early teens and then there was this big black hole where it became all about required reading in school and my focus was elsewhere and then I rediscovered reading for pleasure again in college. I made this big jump from loving and devouring faves like BREAKING UP by Norma Klein, THE CAT ATE MY GYMSUIT by Paula Danziger and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER by Lois Duncan to THE MUMMY and THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES by Anne Rice, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE and all things Kurt Vonnegut, and THE MISTS OF AVALON by Marian Zimmer Bradley. Too many to count.
Q: What’s the #1 piece of advice that you would give to aspiring YA writers.
A: Comparison is the thief of joy so put your blinders on and keep writing. It’s difficult not to listen to other writers’ journeys and note where you lie in comparison to theirs. Overnight success stories are rare but the key is that everyone has a different path. Just because your first book doesn’t get published doesn’t mean you never will. It may not be the right story, or it’s not the kind of story publishers are looking for at that time. It’s a long road and it takes a lot of believing in yourself, being open and able to accept criticism, and you can’t let the success of others or the speed or ease of their journey make you feel like you aren’t where you should be. There is always room for new writers with a great story to tell.
Q: And finally, what are some of your favorite words, either to say or to use in your writing and why?  (This could be anything: words that you like the definition of, words that have a crazy spelling, words that are satisfying to say, words that are funny to say, etc.)
A: My characters are usually a bit snarky and sarcastic (like me!), so I gravitate towards fun words that aren’t necessarily words at all like “craptastic” and “hi-freaking-larious” and “smarticles”. I love the word “actual” – like as in “It’s the actual most craptastic timing, which makes it all the more hi-freaking-larious.” Word choice tells a lot about personality, so I really have fun with that when I’m writing.

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